• Enterprise Visionto become a core competitiveness of the industrial chain organizer and supply chain manager
  • Enterprise Missionto make the industrial chain more intensive and efficient
  • Enterprise SpiritEntrepreneurship, innovation and efficiency
  • Enterprise Core Valuesfulfill the dream of ZMD, create and share together
  • Development Strategy “One, two, three” development strategy:
    To focus on one goal: to become the industry’s leading means of production supply chain service integrator;
    Service two kinds of customers: Service ‘capital construction’ and ‘manufacturing’ of two kinds of customers
    Enhance three capabilities: enhance risk management and control capabilities, integrated service capabilities and capital operation capabilities
  • Business PhilosophyImplement Platform Strategy, gather the world’s talent, integrate global resources, export integrated services
  • Business PolicySafety, profitability, sustainability, better and stronger
  • Management Philosophypeople-oriented, performance first
  • Safety ConceptSafety is life and benefit
  • Risk Management Conceptrisk is the maximum cost, risk control is the core competitiveness
  • Talent StandardOwn ideal, goal, passion, tenacity, responsibility, and achievement
  • Talent Motivationcan go in and out, can go up and down, can own more pr less