Mr. Chen Sanlian

Independent director

    Male, Han nationality, he was born in November 1964. He is a person with no political affiliation and a law undergraduate, and he obtained independent director qualification certificate and lawyer qualification certificate. He successively held the post of an editor, editorial director and associate editor of Lawyer and Legal System jointly hosted by Zhejiang Department of Justice and Zhejiang Bar Association; a lawyer in the fifth law firm of Zhejiang Unite Law Firm and Zhejiang Rendi Law Firm; manager and deputy secretary general of International Liaison Department in Zhejiang Bar Association. Now, he is holding the post of secretary general in Zhejiang Bar Association; adviser of Zhejiang People’s Government; the 11th CPPCC member in Zhejiang; managing director of Zhejiang Jurisprudence society; a visiting professor of law college at Zhejiang University of Technology; arbitrator in Shanghai international economic and trade arbitration commission and Hangzhou arbitration commission, and independent director of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd, Wenzhou Hongfeng Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd and Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd.