BEAMPLUS INTERNATIONAL PTE.LTD., was established in Singapore in November 2015. It is an overseas joint venture company established to meet the strategic needs of Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd. to "integration of domestic and foreign trade". The registered capital is US $10 million. Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd. holds 51% of the shares and Singapore Wufu Metal Co., Ltd. holds 49%. The company is divided into two teams at home and abroad. The domestic team is located in the headquarters of Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd., and the overseas team is located in Singapore’s Marina Bay Financial Center. The team members have good professional background in import and export trade, banking, finance as well as business operation experience. BEAMPLUS INTERNATIONAL PTE.LTD is established to provide overseas platform support, financing support, foreign exchange settlement support, exchange rate risk management, provide foreign trade professional knowledge and technical services for the import and export business of Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd., its subsidiaries and business units. At same time it independently carry out import and export trade, covering steel, ore, nonferrous metal, coal, chemical products and furniture home appliances, etc. Relying on the strong strength of Zhejiang Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd., BEAMPLUS INTERNATIONAL PTE.LTD has developed various forms of in-depth cooperation with partners at home and abroad by taking advantage of its overseas platform. Its main customers include Zhejiang Materials Industry International Co., Ltd., Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd., Tewoo Group Co., Ltd., Zhongpu (Handan) Steel Co., Ltd., and LianGang Group (Valin LianGang) and Hebei Puyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. It also achieved docking with Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, OCBC bank, BNP Paribas, First Gulf Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, etc., in Singapore. It has obtained approval from several major local banks, such as United Overseas Bank and DBS Bank. At the same time, it also established good relations with local government departments and state-owned enterprises such as Singapore Enterprise Development Board, Singapore SMRT Metro Corporation and so on. Under the leadership of Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd., BEAMPLUS INTERNATIONAL team will continue to forge ahead, continuously promote the development of international trade platform based on domestic and overseas points, and provide better overseas platform support and professional services for Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd. and its customers.