The International Division II of Zheshang Development Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. As an integral part of the company's international business department, the department is committed to promoting international business development and forming an international market network with comprehensive services to core customers. It is engaged in the re-export and export business of hot coil, billet, thread, wire and other steel products. The main markets include Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East and other countries. The department takes Chinese resources as its core competitiveness, radiating Asia, global integration and global sales. The Department takes the advantageous resources as the core competitiveness, takes the stable demand of the end customers as its orientation to follow up market changes. Adhere to the basic idea of "Giving priority to foreign trade, supporting domestic trade and escorting with the time", and use methods and ideas that keep pace with the times to serve customers in traditional industries. The department focuses on the continuity and sustainability of the company's international business development, and strives to become a platform with a good reputation and influence in the international steel trade industry.